Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Just why did the Saints and others leave the Northern League?

The Saint Paul Saints baseball team, along with teams in Sioux Falls,
Sioux City, and Lincoln, quit the Northern League this season and
formed part of a new league (called by the exceedingly unoriginal name
‘American Association’) that was supposed to be less ‘regional’. Never
mind that the Northern League already had expanded into Calgary and
Edmonton, which are nowhere near the other teams; for some reason it
didn’t count unless expansion went into the depths of the South.

As a consequence of this expansion, and the travel expenses implied by
it, the home schedule of the Saint Paul Saints has a total of six
games against just two of the opposite-division teams. We see the same
in-division teams again and again all season, and only one of the
them, St Joseph, Missouri, wasn’t already a familiar Northern League

In retrospect, seeing the effect had on the schedule, and finding it
no more interesting to play a team from Fort Worth than to play a team
from Gary, Indiana, I have to wonder whether the owners who split from
the Northern League were drunk at the time. What can happen that will
improve the situation? Heck, it means we no longer even get to sing
the Canadian anthem.

It’s Disco Demolition redux, Mr. Veeck. But I’ll bet you guys burned
your bridges in the process, no? At least with Disco Demolition you
only had to forfeit a game; you didn’t end up stricken from the
American League schedule.

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