Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Muzikataj intervjuaj demandoj (Interview questions from spiralsongkat

1. What's a leaf node? Does that mean what I think it means?

Imagine an oak tree. Where a limb joins the trunk or a branch joins any other branch, call that a node. Then a leaf node is where a leaf joins a branch. So you likely guessed correctly, that I mean I wouldn’t pass along the meme. But the urge not to branch further is, in this case, pathological, and I will resist it.

The pathology is that I try to avoid ‘taking up space’. I think it originates largely from the form of parental neglect I got from my mother; for example she expected her children to serve her constantly with things she typically denied us even if we asked nicely. She had many ways of saying that our things were for her and not for us.

2. What's with all the new and intriguing icons?

A subscription and a desire to use more of the many fonts I have been buying in the last few months. I monitor for sales, and when there are sales I try to combine those with volume discounts. For example, when Ray Larabie recently put 51 of his font packages on sale for $4 each, I bought all 51, which reduced the price to $2.80 each, or something like that; and I threw in one package that was not on sale (Amienne), so I could get the volume discount on that, as well.

3. Any likelihood that you will ever again live anywhere other than the Twin Cities?

My stepdaughter is the main reason for thinking that I won’t be living anywhere else, because of her being disabled and in the care of the state and county, so that she is unlikely to find herself anywhere but near the heart of the Twin Cities metro.

If I did have an urge to move anywhere, I would probably most like to be near my relatives who all live in Broward County, Florida. That’s my mother’s brother and a whole bunch of people whose common characteristic is that they are members of my mother’s brother’s wife’s extended family. But that includes a number of people with whom I share ancestry, i.e., cousins. :) (Three children of my aunt and uncle, and (at least so far) three children of those children. And of course it includes my uncle.) The big drawback here is that they live in Broward County, Florida! Imagine the ocean here, and the Everglades a few miles over there, and in-between a giant tarmac—plus constant humidity to make my fibromyalgic muscles ache. Also I hate hurricanes more than I hate tornadoes; at least tornadoes aren’t hundreds of miles across.

4. Do you enjoy cooking?

No. :)

5. Have you ever travelled outside of North America? If not, would you like to? If so, where are some places you would especially like to travel?

I’ve only been to Canada. I’m not much of a traveler and the only place I’ve really even thought about visiting is western Europe. I think less about traveling than formerly, since the chronic pain has become more of an issue. I do like to see new things and used to like to take pictures, especially from airplanes, but now it’s too much stuff to deal with. BTW I’m strongly a ‘window-seater’ on airplanes, even without a camera.

The rules apparently are as follows: Anyone who reads this and would like to be interviewed can feel free to leave a comment, and I will give you five interview questions to answer in your own journal.

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