Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

This is probably the right thing to do


I’m no fan of violence as such, but with North Korea continued appeasement will only get us war, inaction will only get us war, and destroying the missile on the ground may deter these eventualities. The main risk is a North Korean attack on South Korea, but that risk goes up as we approach war. If I were president I’d take the suggestion seriously.

The stupidest thing would be to use Star Wars against this missile to make GWB look ‘good’ for two or three minutes, particularly since Star Wars would most likely fail miserably. In fact, if I were president, probably there would be no Star Wars.

Here, however, is why I think the White House Man-Monkey will not destroy the missile. It is because after destroying the missile it would be necessary—I would think—to send more forces to the defense of South Korea and Japan. But those forces are necessary for occupations in the Middle East, where they defend PNACi control of oil fields, which is more important to our current leaders than the defense of US and allied territory.

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