Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Nice-for-me things are happening

1. Given more data from my psychotherapist who is a PhD qualified to do evaluations for the Social Security Administration, the psychologist who is a PhD testifying for the SSA in my disability insurance case changed her testimony to say I was disabled from the beginning of when I started going to my psychotherapist. This is good; it means I’ll get more back benefits, when the judge renders his decision sometime in the next 20 years.

2. I had my annual eye check-up today. We go across town to see an optometrist we like and who seems to like us. The thinnish retinal area is equally thin, which is good. There is nothing wrong there, it’s just that in glaucoma cases there is always a thinning in that spot, so they use the test to screen for glaucoma. More good news: I still don’t need to get new glasses (and thus also new sunglasses). OTOH my middle distance vision is worsening, I told her, so she’s having me get a third pair of glasses for using the computer. I have a choice of bifocals or single vision, and you can bet I’m to get bifocals.

(I hate whenever I have glasses made or adjusted, because I’m very sensitive to the adjustment of my glasses, with pain probably due to the fibromyalgia, and also with a tendency to become obsessive-compulsive about any number of potential problems with glasses. Zoloft has helped a lot with the second problem, which exacerbates the first.)

3. I had noticed that the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) was handling auto-ligatures in OpenType fonts. That’s especially nice when, like me, you use a lot of Ray Larabie’s Typodermic fonts, which can have hundreds of fun and goofy ligatures. The only other free software I know of that handle auto-ligatures in some way are the non-graphical tools ANT (a batch typesetter similar to TeX) and otftotfm (which installs OpenType fonts for use with conventional, non-Unicodish TeX). Today I installed GIMP 2.3 and they’ve added letterspacing, which should reduce the need to resort to Inkscape and Scribus when making icons and in other cases where letterspacing can be crucial. There still seems to be little support for OpenType features and alternates, or even for entering general character codes via an interactive table, as one can do with Scribus. Nevertheless I get my fonts in OpenType where possible, in anticipation of better OpenType support.

(ANT and otftotfm can handle features and alternates, though in neither case via graphical menu.)

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