Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Yang Enterprises requests a blessing on behalf of "America"

A statement from Yang Enterprises, Inc. (boldface added):

News and Announcements

Recently there have been several accusations against this corporation by Clinton Eugene Curtis. All of the allegations are 100% FALSE!! An official statement will be forthcoming. Thank you for your concern and God Bless America.

Those sure look like the words of innocent people, no?

Some background: Clint Curtis is saying that while employed by YEI he wrote a computer demonstration of how an electronic voting machine could be designed for cheating.  He intended to show, he says, that it was not possible to hide the cheating if the source code were available.  At the time Curtis had figured this might be the desired result, that the purpose of the demo was to prepare for possible cheating by Democrats.  Only later was he told that the contract depended on impossibility of detection in source code, because it was a contract to rig voting machines in southern Florida.  (See the BradBlog or its annex for more information.)

Curtis says he didn't worry much about the vote-stealing contract until the news reported that voting machine companies were not going to release source code.

In my opinion, the use of voting machines whose software does not have source code viewable by anyone with an Internet connection, and which is not compiled under controlled conditions, employing digital signatures and so forth for verification, is inadequate and a source of corruption.

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