Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

David Sirota: Salazar gives middle finger to Democratic voters & democracy

Salazar gives middle finger to Democratic voters & democracy - what other Dems will, too?

In an explosive story, the Rocky Mountain News reports that freshman Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) has become the first Democrat to publicly say he will ignore the will of Connecticut Democratic primary voters and support Sen. Joe Lieberman even if Lieberman loses the primary, leaves the Democratic Party and runs as an independent. Before this, only Sens. Chuck Schumer and Chris Dodd indicated they might do this - now we have a Democratic U.S. Senator officially on record saying he will use his power to thwart both the Democratic Party and the small "d" democratic process, undermining his party and giving a big middle finger to voters.

As I told the Rocky Mountain News reporter, This behavior really lays bare what's going on: Democratic candidates are more than happy to use the democratic process to obtain elected office, but once they are in, many of them show an open disdain for that same democratic process. They are so focused on protecting their own, preserving the Senate club, and preventing the public from weilding power they are willing to sell out their party and the democratic principles this country was founded on. It is, in a word, disgusting.

Matt Stoller at MyDD has a very simple question in light of the Salazar announcement: what other Democratic U.S. Senators will support Lieberman if Lieberman loses the primary? The question is not what Senators will support Lieberman in his primary - incumbents tend to support incumbents. The question, again, is what other Democrats will support Lieberman if he loses the primary? Will, for instance, Barack Obama support Lieberman if he loses the primary? It was Obama, after all, who specifically timed his primary endorsement of Lieberman to try to crush Lamont's entire candidacy? What about other Democrats? Which of them will join Salazar in giving the big middle finger to voters and to the Democratic Party?

It's time we get an answer to that - so go ahead, contact your Democratic U.S. Senators and ask them what their position is.


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