Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The Bushist Nazi-appeaser rhetoric

Karl Rove’s ‘genius’ lies in our own failure to adapt to the presence of this slug. His methods are repetitious and blunt. So it goes with the recent Bushist rhetoric about appeasement of Nazis.

One may wonder why the Bushists would say things that provoke such outrage from, among others, Keith Olbermann. But the outrage is not Rove’s goal, it is something to be ‘managed’. Again and again and again, Rove dresses up the world for us in the ‘evil’ colors of his employer. (What did John Kerry think was happening when he got swiftboated? ‘Heaven’ knows.) So the chief reason for all the Nazi talk is Bush-Cheney’s incipient and traitorous neo-Nazism, which has nearly full support of the ‘Republican’ Bushist Arbeiterspartei, even if party candidates avoid being seen with Bush. Meanwhile, on goes the effort to retroactively legalize Bush’s felonies, some of which are punishable by execution.

Other repetitious tricks of Karl Rove:

* Provide a mark (Jim Hatfield, Dan Rather, etc.) with essentially correct information with some
errors in it, then use the errors to ‘discredit’ both the correct information and the mark.

* Frame your opponents for a crime they didn’t commit. (For example, bug your own office then have
a press conference about it.)

* Any others that people would like to submit?

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