Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Election shenanigans

Seen at

Ohio, Fairfield County, suspends recount...UPDATED WITH REPORT

Edited on Wed Dec-15-04 05:57 PM by mtnester

At 4 pm today, after failing to get a match of hand counted
ballots with punch card tabulator (ESS), two hand counts and two
times through machine, after stating they were awaiting a call
back from that company to have a new machine delivered, less than
30 seconds later convened a board meeting, voted to suspend
recount, to await a new machine from ESS, and recount will be
re-done Saturday, same exact precincts, the building is now
closed, you are to exit the facility. BOE [board of elections]
blaming issues on "machine failure" in order to avoid the now
required entire county hand count. Precints were not random, they
were selected by BOE, one from the Dem and one from the Repup.

This after their call to SOS Kathy Blackwell [by which is meant
Kenneth Blackwell, the "Katherine Harris" of 2004].

Greens will be going for a TRO [temporary restraining order]. They
are fully aware of entire circumstances of this report.

BOE's trying to get around mandatory handcounts of entire counties
by calling it machine failure rather than follow clear
statute. This will be breaking I am sure before long.

First hand witness to events above....myself

It's just plain embarrassing to be American right now.

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