Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The rankings of Presidents and Residents

You know, we Usonans have much greater responsibility now to pick ‘good’ Presidents and kick out ‘bad’ Presidents and Residents, and we have not been living up to our responsibility. We haven’t, actually, since Jimmy Carter, whom we denigrate, not realizing that he actually tried to be responsible, concerning the environment in particular, and not realizing how important this was. And I think our irresponsibility relative to our time must be taken into account when calculating the ‘badness’ of a President or Resident, so that, for instance, the ‘badness’ of a President or White House Squatter is automatically heightened once the United States possesses nuclear and especially thermonuclear weapons, and if the environment is known to be in dramatic, horrible collapse and the Resident does whatever he can to prevent action against this. It is unquestionable, then, that George W. Bush is the worst blight ever to live in the White House, and he is our responsibility.

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