Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The Triad caper

From a letter by Representative John Conyers to Messrs. Rapp and Barbian of Triad GSI, asking for their explanations:

The purpose of the Ohio recount law is to randomly check vote counts to see if they match machine counts. By attempting to ascertain the precinct to be recounted in advance, and than informing the election officials of the number of votes they need to count by hand to make sure it matches the machine count is an invitation to completely ignore the purpose of the recount law.

You as much as admitted that this was your purpose at the December 20 hearing:

Rapp:  "Remember: the purpose was to train people on how to conduct their jobs ... and to help them identify problems when they conducted the recount...  If they could not hand recount the ballots correctly, they would know what they needed to look for in that hand count."


Observer:  "Why do you feel it was necessary to point out to a team counting ballots the number of over-votes and under-votes when the purpose of the team is to in fact locate those votes and judge them?"

Barbian: "It's an easy mistake as you're hand counting...  It's just human error.  The machine counts it right... We're trying to give them as much information as possible to help them out.


Interviewer: "You were just trying to help them so that they wouldn't have to do a full recount of the county, to try to avoid that?"

Barbian: "Right."
The underlines are all in the original letter.

Reading this makes my stomach sick.  It's not the cheating that bugs me so much as the accursed fog that enshrouds our corrupt and failing nation.

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