Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

People don't get it yet

So many people watch the Bushist political advertising of pure smear
and obvious lies and say it is a sign of desperation. They do not yet
understand the degradation of the ‘Republican’ Party. Also they do not
perceive how much responsibility for this lies with John Kerry.

Yes, I mean it, John Kerry: the man who was Swiftboated and did
nothing about it. The man who did not sue the Swiftboat Liars, despite
John Dean’s published advice that Kerry must sue the Liars as a
deterrent to future Swiftboating. Instead Kerry showed that
Swiftboating had no legal consequences, and so the Bushist
Arbeiterspartei made it standard operating procedure, something we
knew already from reports months ago, long before ‘Macaca’ or

Swiftboating is great for the Bushists, because irresponsible
Democrats like Kerry do not punish Swiftboaters in court, and because
ongoing Swiftboating can be expected to contribute year after year to
the disengagement of citizens from their right to vote.

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