Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The death of American democracy

I am disappointed but not surprised by the numbers of Democratic
supporters who are pleased by what happened yesterday. They do not
understand that the Democratic caucuses put on a ruse to satisfy their
supporters, but were actually voting to overrule the election and
install Bush. They did this in the vain hope that the Bushists would
reciprocate by tolerating the presence of Democrats a little more.

Yesterday may have been the last opportunity to spare us from an
approximately-single party system dominated by white, male, Southern

The news arrives today that Bush is using public funds to pay at least
one reactionary in the media to do propaganda. I fail to be outraged,
because I already knew that we were being ruled lawlessly. It's like
I read about the Nazis, that they didn't have to change the laws that
much because they did what they wanted to anyway. That's how it is
and will be with Bush. The scandals will come and there will be the
"damage control," but to Bush these will just be irritations.

Porter Goss has quietly canceled regular anti-terrorist meetings that
were going on at CIA. He is dismantling the apparatus for preventing
terrorist attacks against the U.S., much as the Bushists did in 2001
before 9/11 occurred. In both cases the goal is to help the
terrorists in their work, so the Bushists can use the attacks to push
an agenda of world conquest. This plan is sketched out in the PNAC
documents. Bush was shocked into inaction on 9/11/01, but that's just
because he didn't know when and in what way the attacks would occur.
Cheney and Rumsfeld, however, knew exactly what to do, and that's how
we got ourselves into Iraq.

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