Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

What in the world would Bush want with Iraqi oil?????

To me it is ironic and annoying that Randi Rhodes, the talk-radio host with the most access to Dr. Justin Frank, continues to believe that Bush is motivated (like the ‘neocons’) by the oil under the ground in Iraq.

What the hell would Bush want with that oil?

Oil executives want it for obvious reasons, and from them Bush gets power, but Bush is now a lame duck looking forward to retirement.

The ‘neocons’ want the oil so they can wage a cold war with China, Russia, and so forth, but that’s their illness, not Bush’s.

George W. Bush is motivated by spite. He wants to make us suffer. It is ‘normal familial sadism’ taken to abnormal levels and then doled out upon an entire nation (not to mention Iraq, Syria, Iran, etc.). His Wednesday speech went to great trouble to inform us that he was bringing us an increase in violence and death.

He’s pushing our buttons.

You cannot understand Bush’s actions merely or even primarily in socio-political-economic terms. You need psychiatry as well, and Bush’s severe, advanced psychiatric illness is the predominant factor.

(Bush’s illness also involves his belief that he will be memorialized as a great ‘War President’.)

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