Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Man with psychic development of a 7-year-old double dares Congress

A man with the psychic development of a 7-year-old double dares Congress to stop him:

"Do you believe as Commander in Chief you have the authority to put the troops in there no matter what the Congress wants to do," 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley asks Bush in the short clip uploaded to the CBS News web site Friday night.

"I think I've got, in this situation, I do, yeah," Bush said.

"Now I fully understand they will," Bush continued, "they could try to stop me from doing it, but, uh, I've made my decision and we're going forward."

Very sick, very sick. It is taking a long while for people to realize
that this is a medical problem—that Bush’s behavior is, in fact,
something for which a person might be and probably ought to be
hospitalized. If we were a less ignorant nation, Bush would already
have been removed, not necessarily by impeachment, but by invoking the
25th Amendment.

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