Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The Enabling Act

The reader may wish to do a little google research on the so-called Enabling Act.

The reason I bring up the Enabling Act is as follows.  Recently the media have reported the following two facts:

(1)  Porter Goss is scaling down CIA's anti-terrorist activities.

(2)  The Bushist House of Representatives is trying to make law a provision under which the federal legislature could essentially be dissolved, in the event of an "emergency."  Congress could be replaced by a small body of, say, a dozen misogynistic neo-Confederate Bushist perverts.

In Worse Than Watergate, John Dean suggests that, by design of Dick Cheney, the early Bush regime purposely scaled down the defenses of the United States, to make terrorist attacks easier.  This theory is more than just plausible.  The hideous "Project for a New American Century" literature suggests a "Pearl Harbor"-like attack  on the U.S. as impetus for world conquest, which they actually call "Pax Americana."

The Bushists are again scaling back the anti-terrorist activities, which were deficient already.  Thus there is high probability they would like a repeat of 9/11 near the beginning of the next four years of usurpation.  At the same time they are trying to formalize dissolution of the Legislative Branch in the event of a national emergency.

I see these facts and evaluate them according to assumptions I make, about the nature of the Bushists, that most people might dismiss but which so far seem hard to prove wrong.  Bush is a case of Narcissistic Personal Disorder, or in archaic terms "megalomaniac."  He is sadistic and likes to kill people, or rather have minions kill people.  Cheney and friends wish to establish worldwide military hegemony, employing a "Pearl Harbor" if need be.  So on and so on.

The Bushists make terrorism easy.  Terrorists strike the U.S.  Congress is dissolved and replaced by a small body of Bushist thugs.  What comes next?

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