Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Where we are

Well, I don’t read into Cheney’s scratched out ‘this Pres.’ as much as Randi Rhodes has done. You can’t just assume that the sentence would have proceeded along the course it did. One risky inference I am making is that Cheney was angry with Bush when he was writing the note.

At least one blogger, Josh Marshall, has seemed surprised to see Libby go after Cheney and Bush like this, rather than beg for a pardon, and wonder why Bush wouldn’t pardon Libby. To me it has made sense since just after the 2006 election, for, if Bush gave Libby a blanket pardon, then Libby could be compelled to testify to Congress, without the option of taking the 5th; moreover, it would be in Libby’s personal interest to reveal all and not risk contempt of Congress. Futhermore, with the theory of Permanent Pedophile Majority empirically disproven, there would not be the ability to quash an investigation as before.

Things are moving quickly in Washington time, despite many talk show callers’ and opinion writers’ impatience. It doesn’t look good for Bush or Cheney, and evidence suggests they both would prefer to handle their personal perils by starting a war with Iran—which they both wanted to do, anyway, but now they must forego the phony support of an arm-twisted ‘Republican’ Congress.

I’m really anxious about this, but it’s no time to panic.

The Democrats in the Senate are busy getting recovering Republicans to sign their names to or cast their votes for something, anything, presumably because Democrats know the old fund-raising and volunteer-gathering technique where you get somebody to sign something or join something and then it is much easier to get them to do more later. Other writers or speakers have said the idea is to make Bush feel more isolated, but that’s not the primary benefit. Indeed, who gives a fuck what Bush feels, since he’s likely to lash out more, anyway, if further isolated.

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