Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Where to begin the cleaning?

I have finally settled on KDE as my computer's desktop environment.  In the years since its humble beginnings, KDE has gotten good, while GNOME has gotten, dare I say, bad.  From my point of view, that is.  Gnome-terminal, however, is good, as long as your computer is fast enough and you have a good font for it, so I keep gnome-terminals instead of using konsole.  Also I am using fluxbox instead of kwin as the window manager, even though the fluxbox development code is buggy and I had to submit two patches before it was even stable enough to use if you don't mind flakiness.  Fluxbox is really nice with its menus and the tabbed windows.  But to get at those menus you need to get rid of kdesktop.  It seems the only generally known way to make an unmodified KDE not run kdesktop is to kill kdesktop after it has started, but I did some research at and found how to override system settings; so I told KDE to run /bin/true instead of kdesktop, which I think is clever.

Oh, and konqueror is okay as a web browser, but as a file manager it sucks.  I don't use a file manager much, but the one I like is rox.

Rox's pinboard also is alright, but I wonder if it can work cooperatively with fluxbox.  Hmm.....

But first, where to start cleaning?  First, remove all the XFCE4 stuff, then maybe some of the GNOME stuff, and then....

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