Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Uncommitted but committed

I asked if anyone was working on freetype2 support in Unicon, which is
a dialect of the programming language Icon. The answer was no, which
I had believed to be the case, but wanted to make sure. I gave as
reason for asking that I might look into the matter if no one
else was doing so, but could not commit myself.

Freetype2 is for font handling. Good fonts well rendered can make a
lot of difference.

The reason I cannot commit myself to any such project is simply
physical inability. Presumably fibromyalgia has been with me a long
time, and may explain why, for instance, pitching a baseball was so
unpleasant. But in the last decade or so it's been worse.
Fortunately it is not a progressive or "damaging" condition.

But in a way now I am committed. Probably no one was going to do it,

I did say I was working on a Gentoo ebuild for Unicon CVS, and
that I would put it on the net for people to evaluate. That part I've
done, except for the last few issues and bugs. That's about a page of
code, and it left me not feeling so great, physically.

BTW I use a DataHand. A regular
keyboard has been a no-no for me for some years, now. Mice also are
no good. The DataHand does both for me, except I use a flat keyboard
for function keys and such.

So I wonder how hard it is to write code to use Freetype2 and

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