Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Font foibles

Hmm, LTC Garamont seems a bit light for on-screen reading:

Also at least the ‘p’ needs some hint-tweaking, but I’ve been getting some skill in adjusting PostScript hints, lately. I’ll bet the italic needs a lot of tweaking, which seems often to be the case.

Still, it’s a Frederic Goudy design digitized by Jim Rimmer, and has Esperanto letters, so it is right and proper that I should have it.

One thing that I’m not clear about is whether this is a ‘Garamond-based’ Garamond or a ‘Jannon-based’ Garamond. Lanston Type Co.’s blurb says it was designed from Garamond stuff printed in 1540, which is before Jean Jannon was born, but Bringhurst says it is based on Jannon’s work (a baroquization of Garamond at first misidentified as Garamond). Maybe Goudy made a compromise so as to steal business from other Jannon revivals.

My Manskribo looks fairly good on the screen IMO:

This font is how I’ve been learning to tweak hints.

Update: Hmm, I see there is no paragraph indenting. Maybe that’s due to a change in ConTeXt. I’m using a different TeX distribution than I did when I first made this e-book (using LTC Goudy Thirty). (See


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