Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Platform of the Chemo for Everyone Party

  • A new GI bill.

  • Medicare for everyone, including a drug plan that works as follows: You take your prescription to a pharmacy, and they give you the drugs.

  • Withdrawal from the Berne Convention. Reduction of copyright terms to three years at most. Standing back and admiring the technological and cultural boom that will follow.

  • AmeriCorps jobs for heirs of Walt Disney. Condolence cards featuring Nelson Muntz.

  • Sweeping patent reform, including the complete elimination of patents on software, ‘business methods’, etc.

  • Creation of a system of Professional Journalism, turning print journalism, broadcast journalism, cable journalism, etc., into a genuine profession with a binding code of ethics. Bylines to read, for example, ‘Seymour Hersh, P.J.’, ‘Judith Miller, J.I.T.’ (Journalist in Training), ‘Brit Hume’ (pregnant pause), etc.

  • A constitutional right to one-person-one-vote. Constitutional amendments allowing regulation of campaign finance, regulation of candidate dishonesty, etc. Elimination of the electoral college. Senate reform (at-large members? automatic cloture along with supermajority rule? other ideas?)

  • AmeriCorps jobs for Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy. Condolence cards featuring Itchy.

  • A formal apology from the US Government to people whom Dick Cheney has shot.

  • A federal funding program for public art, and I mean by this public art, enriching the world in which we live, not museums and so forth.

That’s enough for now. Any more ideas?

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