Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Regarding the Chemo Party position on copyright

The Chemo for Everyone Party would like to explain briefly its call for the reduction of copyright terms to only a few years.

First, we note that the existence of copyright law acknowledges implicitly that the public domain is the proper default condition for works of the ‘intellect’. Once published, it is not ‘owned’ by the copyright holder, but rather the copyright holder is given a special privilege, in exchange for his or her gift.

It is a complete corruption to have made copyrights outlast the lifetimes of people of the era in which a work was published.

In fact, our ‘intellectual’ world speeds up exponentially—probably literally exponentially—which is a natural and unique characteristic of humans, and what makes us special. It is good for us. It was entirely a natural and inevitable development, that we would gain technology for copying, storing, editing, etc., ‘intellectual’ works, to make possible and sustain our ever increasing rate of progress. Under such conditions, if copyright duration were to be changed at all, the only reasonable change would be to shorten it—though of course it should never have gotten anywhere near as long as it has, which it did due to run-of-the-mill ‘legal’ political corruption, on behalf mostly of undeservedly wealthy people.

Copyright law has become mostly an attempt to hinder natural human cultural and technological progress, including as a minor corollary an attempt to prevent the production and distribution of wealth in a way that would remove the advantage over others that some people now hold.

The Party would like to finish by remarking that making ‘intellectual’ works freely available after a few months or years is the trend in scientific journals, despite the financial burdens this might impose, for in the sciences the needs of human development are most acutely felt. Where science goes, so should the rest of our culture, and so it actually must, if we are to thrive or, with the way things are going, just to survive.

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