Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I’m not expecting to get very far with this

Does anyone know of any exact inference code for bayesian networks, written in C or Fortran or Pascal or in some more expressive language that I might know or at least be able to comprehend? Actually best of all would be code in Icon/Unicon, which I could use directly, but I know some Caml, might be able to figure out Haskell, know some C++, Perl (though only primitive Perl 4 stuff), Scheme (not a lot), I don’t know what else.

Partly I’m putting off having to learn any Python or (heaven forbid) Java. :)

(I can’t really write any code to speak of if it isn’t in a language like Icon/Unicon that requires very little typing due to the great brevity of code written in it. The inference code would be for paragraph formatting, though it’s not desperate, merely the desire to have a more intuitively tunable alternative to the standard Knuthian dynamic programming technique.)

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