Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Linotype parolas Esperante!

Ni festas la ĝisdatigon de la Linotype tipara kolekto; oni devas akiri la 'Com'-versiojn, kiuj estas TrueType-specaj OpenType-tiparoj, kaj ili subtenas Esperanton.

We celebrate the update of Linotype’s font library to include 'Com' fonts—TrueType-flavored OpenType—that support Esperanto.

(Tiparo: Frances Uncial)

(Just imagine how much work I put into this intricate picture!)

(On the downside, with the updates MyFonts no longer is selling these fonts under the old Linotype license that allowed modifications by the user. I suspect a plan to update the fonts was the main reason for the license change. It’s like the phone company in the old days. Canada Type, notably, has a restriction but bans only the employment of consultants to modify their fonts, because they want to be your consultant, and perhaps keep rights to the modifications. But you can modify the fonts for yourself. Clever! But I like it best when they just don’t give a damn and want nothing but that you should be happy, although I guess that for a hobbyist like me, who would never hire a consultant for this, the Canada Type license is just as good and is meant to be so.

Also the ‘Com’ versions are a bit pricy, and also Linotype has stopped giving volume discounts at MyFonts.)

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