Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Alrighty, now it runs fast enough

My homemade (and not yet finished) typesetting software now runs much faster, though now in a very few fonts some unintended contextual substitutions might occur. The only fonts of mine that I suspect are Martie Pro from Canada Type; it had some contextual subs that looked at space characters. What will happen that I avoided before is that line breaks will be treated as if they were spaces, when examining context. In the case of Martie Pro, I doubt this would make much of a difference, but being obsessive I have spent way too much effort worrying about that.

There is no hyphenation yet but this is not a serious problem for ragged-right designs. Page layout, what the input should look like, interactive PDF features are more important. Kerning and automatic ligatures and so forth are working, with both OpenType and non-OpenType fonts. However I may do hyphenation prematurely out of curiosity about it. Probably not, though—I’d kind of like to have this thing working. Oh, and another thing to work on may be support for ‘faking’ accented letters.

Finding hyphenation points probably is easy, using a C library I found. The difficulty is incorporating hyphenation points efficiently into the line-breaking routine.

Actually the first thing to do is further clean-up on the OpenType-support code.

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