Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

TeX Gyre Adventor

With the release of the TeX Gyre Adventor fonts (, derived from URW Gothic L, I am ceasing support for my Esperantized URW Gothic L CrudF fonts. So go get Adventor and install them, particularly if you read my LJ in its ‘native’ style and want the full, nauseating effect.

* * *

A quick equivalence-guide to the TeX Gyre fonts may be worthwhile.

Adventor = Avant Garde Gothic
Bonum = Bookman
Heros = Helvetica
Pagella = Palatino
Schola = New Century Schoolbook
Termes = Times Roman

I presume that the forthcoming Cursor = Courier and Chorus = Zapf Chancery.

Basically these are equivalents of the non-symbol, non-dingbat typefaces that came with PostScript level 2 printers (for example old Apple laser printers), and the originals were donated long ago by URW and its successor URW++ foundry to the free-software world, primarily for use with Ghostscript.
Tags: free font stuff

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