Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The importance of spitting at the Democrats

The role of the Democratic Party in greasing the passage of the Moral
Bankruptcy bill demonstrates the importance of spitting at Democrats
when they ask for your support or vote [see footnote]. A good number
of these cowards actually voted for the bill. The Party more broadly
presented so little dissension that the protests might as well be
neglected. There is no reason the Democratic Party could not have led
protests in the street, if there were no other avenue of resistance.
We could be encircling the Capitol with protesters right now, if Party
leaders had wanted it.

I can describe our situation in the following way. When Barbara Boxer
and Stephanie Tubbs Jones challenged the Ohio electors, the Democrats
"debated" but then, overwhelmingly, ratified Bush for Leader. Yet, in
the days following,, Bradblog, Buzzflash, etc., called
the "debate" historic, suggested that the Democrats were showing some
"spine," and generally -- foolishly -- expressed optimism. The
consequences are what you see now; the Democrats are free to betray
and mistreat their supporters if those supporters keep coming back for
Jerky Treats.

I do not know what to do in a positive direction. I'm as baffled as
anyone, but think the negative action -- kicking the Democrats to the
curb -- is necessary. It will not be as harmful as you might imagine,
to do so; indeed, you can see that support for Democrats cannot stop
even the Moral Bankruptcy bill. We _might_ stop the destruction of
Social Security, but is the Democratic Party at the forefront of our
resistance? No, it is that older Americans really do care for the
younger ones; otherwise the Party would be applying goose fat to the
bearings of the monkey man's Social Security Destruction Engine.

Spit at the Democrats. They have earned it.

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