Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Is there a reader willing to defend this behavior?

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David Sirota:

[M]ajor news organizations … are reporting what will be recorded in history as the final insult of it all: Democrats running to reporters bragging about their own brilliance in deceiving the public.

Here's the Associated Press:

In a highly unusual maneuver, House Democratic leaders crafted a procedure that allowed their rank and file to oppose money for the war, then step aside so Republicans could advance it.

…And here's the worst part of it all - Democrats are now bragging about it. Not only have they sent out a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising email attempting to confuse voters by claiming with a straight face that they really stood up to President Bush. But most insulting of all, they are actually running to reporters to pat themselves on the back for engineering a procedural pirouette designed to confuse the public. Here's the [Washington] Post … :

Democrats inside were remarkably understanding of their speaker's contortions. Party leaders jury-rigged the votes yesterday to give all Democrats something to brag about...Democrats saw brilliance in the legerdemain. And with such contortions came more appreciation for the efforts Pelosi was making to fund the war in a fashion most palatable to angry Democrats. ‘It was the responsible thing to do, and she's a responsible speaker,’ said Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.).

This is what we're dealing with folks. A party that runs to the press to brag about the brilliance of using their majority not to end the war, but to create a situation that makes it seem as if they oppose the war, while actually helping Republicans continue it.

Pride in ruling a ‘democratic’ electorate by deception is childish and vile. Politicians and leaders who savor this sort of maneuvering have my contempt. It is an adult challenge to find ways to rule virtuously, and if more capable people would finally grow up and put their efforts towards it we might actually see virtuous rule happen. Then citizen-leaders could be proud like an adult, as opposed to sneering and self-satisfied like a crafty liar.

Now someone defend to me the expedience of lying to citizens—particularly politically allied citizens—and of taking pleasure in this sort of politics. I have my doubts that such people ever feel the truly grown-up pride they could get from the effort and accomplishment of leading honestly.

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