Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The permanent bases in Iraq

Did I neglect to mention that the Pentagon is (presumably at the request of Dick Cheney/George W. Bush) drawing up plans to establish the permanent bases in Iraq as sealed-off, Guantanamo-like enclaves? Actually a bit more like West Berlin in one way, that US forces would have to fly over more or less hostile Iraqi airspace to get in and out.

It sounds impractical and probably is, but that’s actual ‘reality’, not Cheney-Bush ‘reality’.

Thank goodness so far the desire of Iran to avoid war with the US has kept Cheney-Bush from proceding with the attack they intend to launch, but if and when Iranian avoidance fails we will know who to blame for passing an Iraq funding bill when all they had to do to get to the next stage of withdrawal was not pass a funding bill—an action that would require no ‘Republican’ votes and which Bush could not veto.

(Others such as Glenn Greenwald claim that this would result in no starvation, etc, of currently deployed troops, and that it is ludicrous to think this might happen, because that’s not how these things work, but I do not discount the possibility that Bush would deliberately starve, etc, deployed troops, so he could then lie and say the Democrats made it happen by not passing a funding bill. This threat should not stop us; if anything, we need to be more aggressive with Bush the more aggressive he gets.)

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