Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

air compressor woes

The air compressor whose instruction sheet I cannot find was supposed
to make it easier for me to pump car tires. It does not, even though
I figured out by myself how to plug the canister so it can hold
compressed air; I had a screw turned the wrong way. My old way of
filling tires was a very good, hand-operated bicycle pump. This was
too much work for my fibromyalgic sense of discomfort, but bending
over to work with my compressor is even worse.

I need a different sort of compressor, something more "consumer
friendly". It should attach securely to the Shrader valve, have a
built-in tire pressure gauge, and be operable while standing erect.
The bicycle pump meets the first two conditions and comes closer to
the third than does my current compressor.

I saw something in a Sharper Image catalog, but that seems kind of
Yuppy, and I'd rather remain a Girl Power Mama.

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