Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

A rule-of-thumb theory for ages for couples

In addition to Paris Hilton as a metaphor for the choice between stagnation, with consequent joylessness, and growth, with the possibility of joy in living, I have a more mundane theory of couples. Both are based on things that people in the clinical psyche-stuff fields have taught, mind you; I can’t figure this stuff out for myself, though I do get to decide what is ‘real’ and what is crap.

The second theory says that 25 is old enough. If both people in a couple are at least 25 years old and of ‘normal’ maturity (not Paris Hilton), then I have nothing to complain about unless I know something specific about the pair. It’s a question of maturity, or rather of ‘callowness’. If someone 35 wants to go with or marry someone 19, then I am concerned, because almost any 19-year-old is going to be ‘callow’, and why is this 35-year-old interested in someone ‘callow’? I have known of one case where the person was 23 or 24 and seemed well past the callow stage, but it’s an outlier, I think.

I have no general theory regarding people who are under 25 forming a couple with someone under 25 or only a little over 25.

I’ve had a lot of years to think about this theory of the age 25, since learning of it. It’s also around that age that physical development is completed.

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