Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Adobe downloads

I learned recently that for about the past year you can buy and download fonts from Adobe using just an ordinary web browser and an unzip tool. Previously you had to use their download manager. Before that you could download fonts with a web browser but they came as self-extracting Windows archives of some type that, at the time (around New Year’s 2000, I think), I didn’t know how to open on my system, or at least it was easier to have someone else open them for me. (Back then I got Adobe Garamond and some of Optima for a project I had to abandon on account of the chronic pain worsening.)

I also was reminded recently that when you buy and download fonts from Adobe they charge you sales tax. Sigh. If you are buying an entire package and not individual fonts you can avoid this (I think) by buying from Veer instead. Also you can buy many ‘Adobe Originals’ fonts from any of the multiple places that sell Linotype’s cross-licensed versions, but Adobe has a significantly better EULA for these fonts IMO.

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