Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Disgusting, hypocritical bigotry

Jon Elliot on Air America Radio was just hinting there was something improper about Fred Thompson being married to a much younger woman, so I looked to see what ages we were talking about, and it turns out his wife is around 40 years old. Absolutely incredible, the bigotry. I think I remember Randi Rhodes going with this, too.

When the couple were married in 2002, Thompson was 59 and Jeri Kehn was 35. For comparison, former AAR host Mike Malloy is going to turn 64 on July 1, and his wife (and producer) Kathy Bay is, what, thirty-something? It is not good to have a habit of bigotry, you end up in situations like this one, where you are indirectly insulting Mike Malloy and Kathy Bay. One of the advantages of the ‘25 is old enough’ rule of thumb is that it trains habits of opinion towards tolerance rather than bigotry.

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