Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Conspiracy theorization

Thom Hartmann had his Kennedy assassination co-conspiracy theorist on the program yesterday, and from what the co-author said about their book, it sounds like they’ve made a very powerful collection of innuendo. They were comparing their work with Vincent Bugliosi’s new book about how Oswald acting alone murdered President Kennedy. Bugliosi on book tour canceled with Hartmann for whatever reason, so wasn’t available to talk with.

Mind you, I haven’t read any books about the JFK murder, but it is the case that when I view the Zapruder film it looks to me like a man getting shot in the right back side of his head, with material going out forwards somewhat, and the head getting thrown in the general direction one would expect if what Isaac Newton said were correct.

And I really don’t know how anyone can view the South Tower collapse carefully and conclude it was controlled demolition. The North Tower collapse was rather ‘clean’, but the South Tower? Only the unusual design of those buildings saved us from a much worse disaster.

Now, to suspect death squad activity is associated with John Negroponte is a form of cautiousness, not conspiracy theory, as long as you aren’t rabid about it. Some statistical analysis might be useful, although there are many innocent reasons why the presence of John Negroponte could correlate with death squad activity. And we really don’t know who mailed that anthrax, and I’m not sure exactly what type of anthrax weapon it was, but I don’t recommend counting out as suspects people whose offices we’d really not like to see occupied by a murder-conspirators, but who do seem capable of such a crime. But in both these cases there is no film or video for me to view, and maybe if there were then I would have fewer suspicions, which actually is how I’d rather it would be.

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