Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Two bridges

Apparently some people have been confused about the collapsed bridge, thinking that the bridge next to it is another span of the freeway bridge. Rather, the freeway bridge collapsed totally; the intact bridge is Southeast 10th Avenue.

I believe what is being done with traffic is to send it by I-94 and Highway 280, which if you ask me is a treacherous way to go, because 94 is like a NASCAR race and the junction with 280 involves a left exit and a left entrance, depending on the direction you are going. Also 280 has some short entrance and exit ramps designed by Satan and built by Beelzebub. The two traffic lights won’t be a major problem, though, because those intersections have been closed.

I don’t mean that this was a bad choice of detour, but that if you know better then you should plan a different route of your own. As a posted detour route, OTH, 94/280 is the only obvious choice.

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