Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

How does a sixty-something percent disapproval Squatter intimidate the Dems?

A lot of people are wondering how a phenomenally unpopular Squatter can intimidate the Democrats into giving him what he wants. It’s actually not hard to understand, because it isn’t the Leader’s popularity that the Democrats fear, but his petulant untreated alcoholism. The Democrats, to put it briefly, are co-dependent; they complain about the alcoholism, and make threats, but back off when carrying out the threats would result in a fit of alcoholic rage.

Make no mistake, if the Democrats had refused to give Bush his spy bill this time, there would have been a terrific display of infantile rage by the Leader, and actions perhaps similar to the way he acted upon the demand to withdraw from Iraq, which was to call up more troops and send a bunch more to Iraq. I think he would at least rhetorically welcome terrorists to attack and kill us—rhetorically, I say, because it is hard to imagine that terrorists aren’t already welcome in actuality, with the Leader and his Nazi-wannabe bozos running things.

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