Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I’ve seen the broken bridge, now

I got a couple of looks at the collapsed bridge, without going out on foot to get a really decent view, but the point was just to be able to say I saw it, or at least the top parts of the destruction.

From the 3rd Ave. bridge, you can’t really see it, but what you can see is a clear view of the 10th Ave. SE bridge. In other words, you can see an absence.

Supposedly a really good view can be had from the top of a mound next to the new Guthrie Theater.

From overpass of Washington Ave., crossing 35W, you can see the tops of both sides of the bridge, and it is one of the places where people on foot are congregating (traffic seems unobstructed), and also someone put up a banner telling people to ‘stop gawking’ and go see the bridge on television. I can’t even see the reasoning behind that; crowds of pedestrians are looking from all around the area and all angles, and to me it is like a free lesson in engineering and its failures. This is life, dammit.

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