Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

For heaven’s sake, don’t install Krusader!

If you are a KDE user, don’t install Krusader! Not only does it corrupt zip archives, but it causes Konqueror to corrupt zip archives—and if the archives are write-protected, you can’t go into them at all.

This is on AMD64 Gentoo, but I doubt that platform is unique.

I only just installed Dolphin today or yesterday, another file manager for KDE, but at least the not being able to go into a write-protected archive seemed to be the case. So Dolphin is affected, as well.

Krusader must install some kind of plug-in for handling archives, a plug-in that was designed by a team of untrained wallabies. It screwed up a bunch of zips of free fonts, which fortunately I could easily replace from the original sources. Krusader didn’t seem to corrupt the contents of an archive, but rather to write it out as a new, slighly larger archive, with invalid CRC data, so it probably didn’t destroy any ‘important’ data, but who knows what fecal matter was waiting to be stepped in, had I left Krusader installed.

Maybe Krusader was written by a team of ‘thinkers’ at the American Enterprise Institute.

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