Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Paradise Lost, the book cover

I had wanted, originally, to do my Paradise Lost in Albertan, but switched over to Maiola, which was more readable and wasn’t broken (though I’ve fixed Albertan since). However, I have gone back to Albertan for the book cover, where I have the title in Albertan Inline:

I think that’s much nicer than Imperium was. The other font on the cover is the free font Tallys. (I had wanted a font that was slightly oblique, and Tallys has a 1-degree slant.)

BTW I was sorely tempted to use, for the text, Gentium at 9 points instead of 11-point Maiola. Rather, I was tempted to use my new (but not yet released) Postscript-flavored version of Gentium, called Temporarium. :) The funny name is because I expect to use it only until the next release of Gentium, assuming there isn’t something terribly wrong about it, and assuming the sun hasn’t yet burnt out. I have to put together a package with all the necessary docs, and I haven’t converted the italic yet.

The current TrueType version of Gentium is absolutely awful in Adobe Reader, but Temporarium works very well.

I’m doing this stuff with my Objective Caml code, which is still a work very much in progress, but it is smaller and much simpler than my Unicon code. Also it can typeset the entire book in seconds. (No paragraph formatting.)

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