Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

It doesn’t seem right ...

... but Randi Rhodes won’t leave it alone, and once again I just switched her off.

I have a general rule, which is that if I am doing something so are a lot of other people. Furthermore, if any of the other Air America hosts called in, to be consistent she would have to bite their heads off. So she’s on the fringes here, and it can’t be helping the program.

A problem here for us citizens is that Randi Rhodes is in a moderately powerful leadership position, being the top star at AAR. She could be encourage people to do useful things but instead she is acting like a family member who won’t let a dispute go. I think maybe Ed Schultz has more radio ‘presence’ than Randi Rhodes, but that’s just making matters worse.

Maybe Randi could go on sabbatical and Thom Hartmann could do a six-hour show instead of three hours. :) But he’d better stay out of New York, lest Randi Rhodes bite his head off. :)

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