Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Nancy Pelosi is like a dose of clap

The liberal talk shows are exploding with passion. Yesterday Ed Schultz got furious with an anti-impeachment-hearings-against-9%-approval-Vader congresswoman, who engaged in nonsensical doubletalk. It was inspiring. Randi Rhodes had a pro-impeachment-hearings-against-9%-approval-Vader on yesterday and another one today, and both presented the Pelosi doctrine in terms of its own doubletalk (essentially, ‘We are too busy to impeach Vader, and anyway it wasn’t what we were elected to do’); today, Randi got furious, while yesterday she was already in such a serious mood that she could not recognize that a congressman she knew personally was being jocular rather than serious about some unimportant interpersonal matter.

I’ve been rather agitated, myself, and so has Kristy.

(There is a humorous aspect: as usual, Randi Rhodes has a theory that one of her heroes, in this case John Conyers, had to be blackmailed into doing the wrong thing—which actually would make John Conyers look much worse than if he were being simply an obedient soldier! At least with Colin Powell the supposed blackmail looks better than what actually must have happened—that Powell, a professional suck-up, hadn’t the courage to resign.)

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