Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


We placed a purchase for tickets to the Altan concert next weekend, though I don't have tickets in my hand yet. I hope I can survive it. I should get some of those custom molded earplugs that have a flatter frequency response; along with a hearing check. But, back to earplugs, I use ordinary, disposable foam plugs, even around the house during some migraine attacks, but these attenuate at high frequencies much more than at low freqs. I'm just sensitive to loudness on several fronts; I always wear plugs at baseball games, and I'm a season ticket holder, so that's a lot of earplugs.

Last concert that gave me trouble was Beethoven's Ninth Racket as played by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra -- would have been worse with a "full size" orchestra -- but luckily I knew the racket well enough to put hands over ears ahead of any sudden loudnesses. In those days I wasn't as skillful in placing ear plugs.

I have come not to like Beethoven's Ninth so much, part of my ever growing distaste towards orchestra in general. The Ninth is just too much. That day we also heard the Eighth, which I enjoyed more. But we quit subscribing, considering the SPCO more trouble than it was worth to us, particularly with the way I disliked orchestra more the more I heard it. Orchestra takes the violin, an instrument capable of many voices, and blends those sounds together into an even gray paste.

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