Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


I think I may have had cluster headaches on both sides this morning, though only the right eye is significantly blurry. Thanks for that! But the left eye does seem irritated.

My cluster headaches are ‘atypical’. I would be interested if there is anyone else in the world whose eye goes blurry for a few days after an attack.

I am not infrequently in this mildly blinded state, but I usually don’t mention it. It’s been a problem since my mid 30s. Blurry vision is a heck of a lot more withstandable than the cluster headache proper! Those suck, and unattenuated by drugs they megasuck.

Chronic cluster headache, where they go on and on, has to be a total nightmare. I’m thinking of that baseball pitcher who got a batted ball in the eye and was obviously in extreme pain—imagine that going on and on and on.

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