Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Did Clinton and Obama mean it or not? (Biden, too.)

Chris Dodd is leaving the campaign trail in Iowa to travel to Washington tomorrow to lead an old-fashioned filibuster on the Senate floor against the telecom amnesty bill, an action necessitated by Harry Reid's reprehensible refusal to honor his "hold" and also by Reid's conniving to maximize the prospects that the Senate bill will contain both amnesty and vast new warrantless surveillance powers. Two other Senators at least -- Feingold and Kennedy -- have committed to being on the floor to enable Dodd to take periodic breaks by asking questions. Despite issuing prior statements claiming they would support Dodd's filibuster, none of the other presidential candidates in the Senate -- Clinton, Obama or Biden -- have indicated that they will do so tomorrow.

Uh oh!

I think it’s time for another little, fixed-income show of my support. :)

Given the imminent Iowa vote, Dodd's presidential campaign may not last that much longer. But it is worthwhile to enable him over the next several weeks to continue to bring attention to these issues, about which he is quite obviously genuinely passionate (and is thus willing to alienate many of his own Senate colleagues by doing this). If you're so inclined, you can also express your support for Dodd's actions -- one of the few inspirational acts of this year by any national political figure -- by donating to his campaign as well.

Update: D’oh! I forgot to leave a comment mentioning the filibuster. Oh, well, they’ll understand what’s going on, because of the uptick in donations.

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