Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

A curious fact about my party affiliation

It is a curious fact about my renewed willingness to actually call myself a Democrat that it arises, in part, from an increase in hostility towards the Democratic Party as it now is constituted.

The main thing that has happened is coalescence of an effective opposition working within the party to scare the crap out of incumbent Democrats, and to remove them if possible, after these incumbents have shown their true colors. A major drawback of the ‘within-the-party’ approach is that it makes it harder to convince people of the need to vote out their incumbent representatives. For instance, it would be hard to convince Nancy Pelosi’s constituents that she ought to be challenged seriously in the primaries and thus removed or scared badly. If instead the party had suffered a schism, then being a member of the new group would come sort of ‘automatically’ with opposition to the incumbent ‘Old Democrat’, apart from whether she provides pork for her district or is only vaguely an ally of Bush; and she could be opposed even in the general election.

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