Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

This leads to that

At I read an article by Joan Chittister, excerpted here:
[T]here is a campaign issue beyond, but basic to, any of the other ones: Will this election be decided by the people or by boxes of uncounted ballots, a State Attorney General and the Supreme Court? The real American question is: What would have been lost by taking two more weeks to recount ballots in a way that honored the foundation of the entire American system of government?

But don't be fooled. This issue is not a trivial one, coming out of pique or fostered by sore losers. On the contrary. This is the issue that determines every other issue on the agenda. Worst of all, perhaps never have there been greater issues than now, and all at one time. Until we assure ourselves that our elections are safe, nothing else in this country is safe.

As one reader put it, "Bingo."

After the Felonious Five installed the Bush, I was both outraged and confused. Then came "None Dare Call It Treason and no longer was I confused, but my anger settled in deeper.

Later, the Bush was rounding up people in Afghanistan and sending them to Cuba for indefinitely long detention, without Geneva Convention rights, and I was very angry at that. It was argued back to me that the people rounded up would not have followed the Geneva code, either. I have to say that if you are going to have wars then you ought to be serious about them, not treating it like a hockey game where you go sit in a box for a while if you break the rules. That approach perpetuates wars. Nevertheless, I insisted, you cannot give an American ruler that kind of power. Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters, who cares how they come out of it? But what about the Bush? What will become of the Bush?

The Bush was installed by a vicious juridical gang, whose method of doing it proved they knew they were doing something very, very bad. It's some kind of "accident" that such an improperly seated ruler comes to oversee massive war crimes? Hell, no. You can examine the constitutionality of what happened in December 2000, employing dozens of quotations from the Founding Fathers, but when you get to the summary it turns out that George Washington has been dead for more than 200 years, whereas everyone alive today has to live now, and the Founding Fathers all can go to hell. We should not always first ask whether we are acting true to our Constitution, but whether we are acting true to the times in which we live. Twenty-first century people expect their votes to count, and should expect that. That the freedom to vote was originally granted by state legislatures is merely an interesting historical note.

If the Felonious Five had not jammed themselves in the way, then the Florida legislature might have installed the Bush. What difference does it make? You cannot live by a Constitution. You cannot eat it or breathe it, or take great joy in it, if you are not a lawyer. What matters is that the wrong guy got the throne, and he took it even though it was wrong of him to do so, and -- surprise! -- he is a war criminal.

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