Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Armando on Obama

The Lawyer Formerly Known as Armando who was for Obama on grounds he was a media darling, before Axelrod, writes:

People think I am insulting Barack Obama when I say his Kumbaya schtick is a put on. I think it is the only way to give Obama credit. For if he believes it, he is a naive fool who has no business running for President.

I view it more the other way around, that it would be better to think Obama a naive fool, because that can be caused by simple immaturity. OTOH thinking he can get by by putting on a schtick also could be caused by simple immaturity. And wherever you look, there is someone who thinks Obama is too immature—it must be written in glowing letters on his forehead or something—so we have good reason to hope immaturity will prove to be the key cause of Obama’s insincerity or his foolishness, or both.

My opinion, it really doesn’t matter much whether it is a put on or foolishness, or both, if it is caused by immaturity.

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