Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

A reaction to Obama’s ‘twirling towards freedom’ rhetoric

[Jeralyn Merritt writes:]

Below is what Hillary said and what Obama said. Hillary's answer is issue-specific. Obama's is generalities and buzzwords.

It [is] why it has seemed to me all along Obama lacks substance as well as experience. Since I know now from reading his literature that he does have some specific plans, I'm wondering why he seems incapable of expressing them. He comes across as all promises, no specifics. I wanted to throw the tv clicker at him. We shouldn't have to do hours of research on candidates to know where they stand. Is it too much to ask for Obama to get out from behind the professor's podium and stop playing philosopher and tell us what he's going to do?


What's really most important about these debates is that the Democratic Party stands in such contrast to the Republicans.

You know, the Republicans have a totally different approach to what we need to be doing. They're not talking about the mortgage crisis and trying to solve it. They're not talking about what I fear to be a slide into recession.

They're not talking about global warming. They're not talking about science and innovation. They're not talking about what really is going to face the next president.
So, I think that we've done in our debates a much better job in actually getting out the issues that are going to be on the desk in the Oval Office when the president walks in.


Overall, actually, here's an area where I agree with Hillary: that there has been a stark contrast, generally, between the four of us and those who aren't debating with us now but were previously.

There is going to be a fundamental difference between the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee: ending the politics of fear that has so dominated our political debate, making certain that we're actually listening to the American people and the struggles and hardships that they're going through.

And I think the opportunity to bring the American people together and to push back those special interests, to actually deliver on meaningful differences in their lives, that's something -- that's a prospect that I think all Democrats should be excited about.

Many of us are trying to believe Obama would be a good President if nominated. But his repeated resort to generic promises of "hope," "optimism" and "change" without specifics is just so annoying. It's one thing to go after the youth vote, it's another to treat us all like children.

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