Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Obama’s speech last night sucked

It was slightly better than some of his other speeches, because he alluded vaguely to the hopes of children to grow up well, instead of reciting only the unlimited word ‘hope’. That was about all the content, or maybe there were one or two other vague allusions to life on Earth; otherwise it was ‘twirling towards freedom’, and strangely so, because he repeated ‘Yes, we can’ as a meaningless chant instead of putting context after each invocation, as Martin Luther King probably would have done. If he would come to me for training and actually tried to learn, he would always give context and his speeches would not only push people’s happy buttons but also, perhaps, be worthy of putting in English composition primers. :)

Martin Luther King BTW died when he was still several years younger than Obama is now.

Rachel Maddow (of AAR) thinks Obama’s speech was ‘historic’. People just don’t see the difference in type between the different kinds of statements—whether or not the domains of the nouns are specified, for instance. It’s like how in fontaddicts people often make wildly incorrect guesses when asked to identify a font: they don’t have the training to tell the differences. Both book knowledge and practice are necessary.

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