Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Barack Obama, Randi Rhodes, and an old codger from Florida

An old codger from Florida just called in to the Randi Rhodes show and tried to explain to Randi how crappy Barack Obama’s speeches are. For instance, of Obama’s ‘Yes, we can’ the old codger asks Randi, ‘Yes we can what?’ At this point Randi gets uncomfortable and defensive; you can almost hear the beads of sweat forming; she tells the old codger that he can’t drag her into a fight. He presses the question; Randi says ‘Yes, we can make this country the way it is supposed to be.’ It’s no answer, just more happy-button jiggling. The old guy argues that Obama does poorly in the sham ‘debates’ because he doesn’t have the stuff in his head, though he can press happy buttons. Randi argues it may simply mean Obama isn’t good at debating. The old codger concludes by stating he has put the germ into Randi’s head and now when she sees Obama she will have questions.

Randi now, after the break, is trying to make a distinction between personality cult versus getting ‘a movement vibe’, and saying how it makes a difference if you have actually seen him, how you get the vibe then. It is tragic. Hopefully the seed will grow.

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