Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Obama weasels some more

Big Tent writes:

At a campaign event yesterday, Barack Obama said:

You won't hear me saying one thing one day to one audience and then saying something else another day to a different audience because I think it's politically convenient.


As I have said, this is politics as usual. The problem is Obama pretends he is going to reinvent politics. He is not. He is just a pol. An extremely talented one. But still just a pol.

(Big Tent seems to have some immunity to Obama’s methods. Nevertheless he has shown some support for Obama, on the grounds that Obama (along with John McCain) is a darling of the overgrown media pre-teens. That’s fair enough, but I’m not sure that advantage isn’t countered and surpassed by the ‘Hussein Osama is an Islamic terrorist’ swiftboating that is well underway.)

(Hmm. I really should see if I can find a way to format blockquote tags better in my style. I imagine I can change it in the CSS. Update: I am trying the traditional technique of reducing the size of the type, which is easy to do in CSS. I hope this doesn’t take things too far, although it does raise the enticing possibility of eye-torture by blockquote nesting. Don’t try this in fibromyalgia, though; you’ll be asked politely asked to stop it.)

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